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Feasts of The Lord- Feast of Trumpet: The Introduction.

Finally we move from the Spring Feasts to the Fall Feasts. The Spring Feasts were:

✅ Passover
✅ Unleavened Bread
✅ First Fruits / Wave Sheaf Offering
✅ Pentecost (Feast of Weeks)

From the season of Spring, we move on to the Fall season Feasts that occur within September and October.

These are:

? Feast of Trumpets

? The Day of Atonement

? Feast of Tabernacles

Just as the Spring Feasts were fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming when He died, resurrected, and later sent the Holy Spirit upon His ascension…

The Fall Feasts prophesy of what Jesus will do during the events of His Second Coming.

Let’s begin with the first Feast under that of the Fall Feasts –Trumpets. Here’s what you need to know to begin with:

✅ Feast of Trumpets falls on the First Day of the Jewish Month of Tishri in the Fall.

✅ The blasting of the “Trumpets” on this Feast is what leads the people into the New Jewish Year. Yup. This Feasts signifies the “New Year.”

✅ But it’s not really the actual Biblical New year. The New year actually starts with the Feast of Passover… According to the Lord in Exodus 12:2 ??

“This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.”

Since the Feasts are God’s appointed days and pattern of His plans, it makes sense that His first feast would be the beginning of His appointed New Year.

✅ However as time passed, this feast became the feast to celebrate the New Year.

Feast of Trumpets is also called “Rosh Hashanah” which means Head of the New Year.

✅ Since God doesn’t do anything cardinal in relation to the timing of His plans unless it’s on a Feast Day, it’s also believed that Jesus was born on the Feast of Trumpets. Jesus was born somewhere in September.

✅ With the blast of the trumpet, this Feast prophesies the event of the Resurrection of the Dead. It’s also called the “Awakening Blast”

Because the festival fell on the first day of the seventh month, it fell on a new moon.

That is when the first sliver of the new moon appeared in the evening sky, at the beginning of the lunar month.

Why? Shouldn’t the first day fall on the morning…why not sun? Why moon?

Because the Bible recognizes that a day begins in the evening.

God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

Genesis 1:5

Now watch this ?

There’s always an uncertainty with this feast because of the moon, especially when the new moon would appear. If the moon is even blocked by a cloud and not seen in the sky, the trumpet can’t be blown. So due to this uncertainty, there was usually a saying in those days… Jesus said in one of our popular scriptures used for the “rapture.”

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”

Matthew 25:13

This phrase wasn’t about knowing the day or hour Jesus is coming or about rapture ?

People use it to prove that no one can prove when the event will happen.

That wasn’t was Jesus was talking about. It was a peculiar and popular Hebrew saying when it came to the Feast of Trumpets, because the beginning of the feast was unknown. The trumpet couldn’t sound until the new moon was sighted. So everyone had to be alert and keep watch in that season up until the new moon was seen.

That’s the introduction for you.

We are going to delve further in the days to come. Don’t miss this for anything.

We have gotten to the sweet stuff because this event can even be fulfilled this year ??

Until next time… Shalom

Uche Okorie.

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